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Bravo Zulu International (BZI) is an internationally listed Research and Development company designing and manufacturing Hi Fidelitity Customized Simulation systems, Battery de-sulfation Systems, Solar Energy based and Conventional Solid State LED Lighting, and Command Data Logging Systems.The Company has R&D and manufacturing facilities both in USA and Pakistan. Established since 1996, BZI has been actively involved in development and manufacture of customized Aircraft Cockpits including Fighter Regime, 4-6 axis Motion bases, Aircraft and Vehicle simulators, FTD's, Simulated Instruments, Avionic and Weapon Systems. In 2009 in view of the global energy crises we focused our development activities in the Energy & Enviornment fields. BZI has introduced Solar energy based and Conventional Solid State LED Street & Office/Commercial Lighting Systems which accrue savings in excess of 80 percent. Our State of Art Automotive/Industrial Battery De-Sulfation Systems increases the life of a Lead Acid Battries multifold. On the international stage, in view of our development work in the field of Simulation Technologies, BZI was selected in the list of Top 50 international companies in the world by the prestigious USA based MT2 Magazine during the 2004 ITEC show in London, UK from amongst hundreds of companies world wide. This indeed was a singular honour and distinction for our company and an international acknowledgement of our abilities and technical prowess.


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