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Latest News

  • BZI establishes its first R&D and Manufacturing facility in Lahore Pakistan to support its operations in the region. It has also shifted its Asia / Middle East Office from Islamabad to its new facility in Lahore.
  • BZI launches Solar energy based and conventional Solid State LED Lighting range for Street Lights, Office and commercial lighting. The BZI developed solid state LED Lights save upto 80 percent energy thus providing an opportunity to tackle the severe energy crises in the country.
  • BZI launches its First Battery Desulphation Center at its facility in Lahore to Re-life weak and badly sulphated battries.
  • BZI Pakistan develops Battery Command Data Logging System for launch by BZI USA.
  • BZI Teams with Raytheon USA to support command and control systems in the country. BZI shall assist Raytheon and TRS with their command and control (C4I) projects in the country.
  • BZI signs TAA agreement with Thales Raytheon Systems International and Raytheon USA
  • BZI begins final testing and trials of V-2000X vehicle driving simulator. In V-2000X BZI has successfully utilized an actual car shell with actual car controls, instruments, levers and buttons to bring it as close to reality as possible. BZI has custom developed realistic driving tracks and scenery for V-2000X car simulator.
  • BZI Partners with world famous Immersive Display of UK and Elumens USA and is now offering latest 3D immersive display solutions for simulators, medical and theater use.. The Systems use customized single and multiple projection systems with hand crafted lens using state of art thru theata technology.
  • BZI opens a new division for supporting Command and Control Systems and hi tech communication and tactical data link equipment. We provide the services of highly skilled specialist technicians and engineers in this field to support, run and maint such complex systems.


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