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BZI Fighter Simulator FTD With Dome Display


BZI Vehicle Simulator with 3x LCD Display System


BZI Interactive Vehicle simulator Module


3D Immersive Display system


BZI Car Simulator Dashboard View


Car Simulator Driving View


BZI Two Position Instructor Control& RecordingStation


BZI Vehicle Simulator Driving Module


BZI Simulator Cockpit


BZI Emergency Control panel


BZI Heli Trainer


BZI Battery Desulphisation Device


BZI Battery Recondiconditioner


BZI Tactical Fighter Simulator Cockpit


BZI Trainer Simulator Cockpit


BZI 180 Deg Motion Virtual Flyer


Genal BZI 4 DOF Motion Simulator


    BZI Tactical Instructor Control station


BZI Training Aircraft 4 DOF Motion Simulator

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